USGA Discusses 2023 Distance Update

USGA CEO Mike Whan and Chief Governance Officer Thomas Pagel provide an in-depth view of the USGA’s/R&A’s latest proposal to introduce a Model Local Rule for golf balls used in elite competitions.

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16 thoughts on “USGA Discusses 2023 Distance Update”

    1. Detune all the balls all the way down the market. They have COR limits on clubs. I say go back to the Titleist Professional.

  1. I am glad to see the USGA and R&A are in the process of creating a new MLR regarding the ball that can be used or NOT used in competitions. It is essential for everyone to realize that nothing is set in stone yet, and it will be up to each committee if they adopt this MLR. And before anyone talks about the “Tour” and bifurcation, you need to realize the “Tour” has already adopted MLRs that other competitions do not use; in essence, they have already bifurcated themselves.

  2. Allah Ali Baba

    Tuff job governing the Golfing world…keep at it and look at all side then make your call and step back and let the bullets fly….Thanks…

  3. It’s good that you’re acting but it’s 10-15 years too late. The equipment manufacturers have diluted the skill of the game which is counter to your mission statement. Move faster and roll it back further before you lose the skill completely in the game

  4. Your concerned with keeping pros from hitting the ball to far ? Whaat? Why ? Explain…please , how your gonna stop a player who swings a driver 125mph-130 mph from hitting the ball to far ? Waste of money – work on speeding the game up, lol – 4 hrs or less done –

  5. I guess the next new rule will be to not allow players to wear shoes with spikes or traction because the golf course will need to grow special grass in the future to accommodate them. Let’s restrict everyone’s advantageous ability to ensure these elite players are on the same level for the future of golf. Makes perfect sense👎.

  6. Lol. Rory can’t hit my 1972 driver and a 1972 Titleist 400 yards. Golf today is nothing like when Palmer and Casper played. The PGA is a yawn to watch. Drive, wedge, putt.

  7. The only golfers I know who support this are all over 60 years old, people who saw Arnie and Jack in their youth. Young people who are the future of golf do not seem to want this rule. Why not let the future stars decide? What if people objected to steel shafts? What if we were still hitting old soft balls with hickory shafts? The game would have never progressed to where it is now. Glad I am not in charge of making this decision, but I tend to think we do not need more regulation.

  8. If the long players will continue be the longest your new MLR will achieve nothing…in fact it disadvantages the shorter hitters.

  9. There is a point with increased swing speed where accuracy and spin control breakdown. Look at the dispersion of the pro long drive guys. The rule should be to tell courses to plant trees today so that in 15 years driving accuracy matters.

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